Structure of the book, and how to use its content

Structure of the Culture section of the website:

The section comprises a set of thematic items and interviews (five in total).

Structure and particulars of the dishes section of the book:

A set of dishes and accompaniments are detailed, including ingredients, guides to quantities, description (texture, flavours, tastes, reasons for popularity, and where known, origins, etc) and core preparation methods. 

Dishes / Food types descriptions format followed: 

Name (in Nepali [unless international term used] and English), qualities & taste description & background, ingredients, how to make (preparation, cooking and serving), and where appropriate, stories included in background information.

Measurements used: 

These are mainly provided in metric, according to how the given dish or side dish preparation & cooking were learned.  Where used, tablespoon = Tbsp, and teaspoon = Tsp

Quantities: as a general guide for most dishes unless otherwise stated, these are enough for 4 people or two people for two separate sittings, with ample portions being provided.

How to use the website information resources:

We hope that all visitors to the website will visit and study all of its information. Please start with the information on this, the About section of the website including the Dedications / Formal notes of Best wishes section as this gives an ideal overview of what the information resource is about, and its various audiences. The Dishes section includes multiple dishes and accompaniments information, each of which is structured with main ingredients nutrition & health details, through to quantities and accompaniments particulars.

Whatever your interest, whether a catering college interested in providing to teacher/lecturer colleagues, or students of all levels, introduction to and information about an exceptional, little-known South Asian multi-facteted cuisine that has unique health & nutritional characteristics in its easy to follow home-cookery form, or somebody who has visited or is thinking of visiting Nepal for gastronomic related culture exploration purposes, or simply someone who wishes to know how to cook traditional & contemporary Nepali dishes and accompaniments at home, this website is for you!

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