Sharing Nepali home cookery with experts at a South-West of England renowned Catering College — Bournemouth & Poole College, Escoffier Catering College

Review on learning experience of Mr Christophe Baffos, Director of Learning, Sixth Form and Service Industries, and David Marshall, Senior Chef Demonstrator/Instructor, Catering and Hospitality, Service Industries of lead project content content provider and demonstrator, Deepak Tamrakar.

Deepakā€™s demonstration was very informative for our students and staff. It helped showcase the use of spices which can be so alien to a classically trained European chef.  Learning the gastronomy of Nepal and the ways of eating food, is so important to help anyone to better grasp some of the combination of flavours particular to that cuisine.  

Thank you to both Alan and Deepak for organising these great sessions at The Bournemouth & Poole College.


Christophe Baffos

Director of Learning, Sixth Form and Service Industries. Bournemouth & Poole College

On behalf of the students that were present may I say a big thank you to Deepak and yourself for an interesting session during our CPD week.

We have a number of students that on the mention of spices have worried looks on their faces, but during your session and particularly when it came to the tasting were converted and pleasantly surprised as the softness, rounded and depth of flavours having used a limited number of ingredients. They enjoyed the freshness and delicate accents to all the dishes that were prepared and surprised at the ease that they could replicate each dish.

Again many thanks.  

Best regards

David Marshall 

Senior Chef Demonstrator/Instructor,  Catering and Hospitality. Service Industries 

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