Content contributors, and attributions & thanks

Content contributors and related attributions and thanks:

The UKNFS thanks principal content contributor, Deepak Tamrakar, all of the august figures who have provided supportive best wishes and dedications, the Escoffier College, and Ms Sarah Ali Choudhury (TV celebrity chef) for their support. We also wish to thank for recipes and images, Mr Sana Sherpa, Mr Hiradhan Rai, Mrs Rina Adhikari, and Mrs Lata Khanal and Mr Kripesh Adhikari, and Dr Jib Acharya.

Note on images used:

Almost all of the images provided in the book are the property of the main content contributor, Deepak Tamrakar, and resource compiler Alan Mercel-Sanca, taken during preparing or cooking dishes.

A small number of other, supportive images have been sourced from copyright-free images and/or with the permission of the owners.  The UKNFS has sought to be comprehensive in regard to topics and activities covered in the book and accompanying website, from utensils (functional, ceremonial and traditional) used and in some cases raw ingredients, to preparation of ingredients and phases during the cooking of some of the dishes, and in some cases the given completed dish itself. 

Due to space considerations, with one or two exceptions and preparation of ingredients images, we have not included images of each of the individual ingredients in the dedicated ingredients section of the website / book.

Note (issued July 2021): Further images, with attributions to their sources in if in the public domain, and permissions and attributions if from non-public, private sources, will be potentially added to the website on a continuing basis.

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